A new project is always a good start.

Your next project can be anyone of the following.

Quick Project

Instantly start a new project without waiting for someone's approval.

·  Choose license from publicly available licenses at Knotters

·  Get a permanent publicly available URL for your project

·  Associate at most 10 static assets of your own

·  Link with your own public Github repository, after creation

·  Topics and tags association for contribution record

·  Infinite Snapshots for project's lifetime

Verified Project

Submit a request to get an approved, verified project with a preset repository at Knotters.

·  Everything of the Quick Project

·  A preset repository and team on GitHub.

·  Associate any number of static assets of your own

·  A moderator for help and support

·  Mentor request eligibility

·  Separate Discord channel on Knotters Discord Server

Core Project

Request a project with a private preset repository at Knotters.

·  Everything of the Verified Project

·  A preset repository and team on GitHub, hidden from rest of the world.

·  Pay as you associate static assets

·  Customize moderator to ensure work progress.

·  Separate Discord channel on Knotters Discord Server with limited visibility.

Quick Projects

A quick project can be created quickly, without waiting for anyone's approval. This is the fastest way to start a new project here. Any kind of project can be created under this category.

You can link your own public github repository to track contribution progress with it.

Verified Projects verified

Project under this category will be provided its own Github repository under Knotters organization on GitHub, and much more.

But to fall under this category, your project has to undergo a review procedure by the moderators at Knotters.

Core Projects lock

This is currently available to management/organization accounts only. Under this category, a closed source project can be requested, and it will be available to certain people at Knotters, for contribution.
The source code of these kind of projects will
remain private under Knotters organization.

Organizations may also provide incentives to the people
who contribute to it by setting a budget.