The landing page

The landing page

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Not exactly a landing pageopen_in_new

Please come back here if you'll click the above link icon. Wikipedia articles can be intriguing sometimes.
This page is a story, telling the story of this page itself, with a tiny (very tiny, almost microscopic) focus on Knotters platform.

Are you interested in our story? Regardless, we'll continue to tell. Not that we don't care about your opinion (which we do), but most of the content on this page is static.

The center heading

To indicate that something important has come up, however, everything is important in this page, it's just that center heading looks cool. Does it?
Thisicon is our logo, which you must've realized by now. The name Knotters is what we call this platform, and so should you.

Introductory section

Has the story started? It did when you first visited this page. It's all about patience. Ofcourse you can speed scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page to get rid of this slow character buildup. But, where's the fun in that?

Did you notice the staircase we formed above? left-center-right 😁

Creativity +100XP 😎

The Better Truth

Here's the truth about why the long storytelling on a landing page.
We were sooo involved in the making of this platform and the services it provides, that we forgot to add landing page on our bucket list.

And about the time we realised that, Knotters had become sooo vast in terms of features (quick projects, verified projects, competitions, moderators, judges, licensing, certificates, etc.), that no language had enough words (or variables) to describe them all.

The Bitter Truth

Here's the bitter truth for some of you. The story of our landing page is still under construction😿. So in the mean time we'll try to explain you the vast & variety of features of Knotters, of which a few have been mentioned in The Better Truth as well.

The Projectslink

As we said, it's all about patience, therefore the first thing that we'd like to have you introduced, is the Projects feature of Knotters, which actively involves the patience factor.

Have you ever worked on a project? Like a software project or a community project, or anything you'd like to categorize as a project?

If you haven't, then

Knotters could prove to be the right place to start, in case you want to start.
Why so?
At the planck epoch stage of any project, which is the idea state, the first time creator gets pretty confused regarding where thee shall begin.
This is the stage at which starting a project with Knotters gives your idea a certain amount of exposure, a head start, a profile, a face, a room on internet, a family to your project to-be. We call that family Knotters Community. And it's fruitful.

If you have, then

There's always a need for any project to be in the public eye. Social networking sites could be helpfull, but those only provide exposure to the deliverability of your project, not to the project itself. As mentioned previously, having an official profile of your project, in whichever domain it may be, gives it a recognizable face, a room on internet, and again, a family. Knotters provides all of these to your project.

Your project could be one of the following.

Quick Projectlink

As the name goes, a quick project can be created quickly, without waiting for anyone's approval. This is the fastest way to start a new project here. Any kind of project can be created under this category.

Verified Project verifiedlink

A project under this category will have its own Github repository under Knotters organization, and much more. But to fall under this category, your project has to undergo a review procedure (Moderators are there for that, we'll discuss them later). Currently recommended for coding based projects only.

Core Projectlink

A special category for projects, which are currently available to management accounts only. Under this category, managers/organizations can request a closed source project at Knotters, and it will be available to a few chosen people at Knotters, and the people of the organization, for contribution. The source code of these kind of projects will also remain under Knotters organization, but with limited visibility. Organizations may also provide incentives to the people who contribute to it.

And it doesn't end here

All projects at Knotters have some special powers through which a track record is maintained of every contributor, and it reflects in each of their profiles accordingly, alongside their respective topics (We'll discuss 'topics' soon).
In short - Everything counts!

The Competitionslink

We conduct and host competitions in which anyone can participate. Robot🤖 participants are still not allowed. Sorry robots!
Most of our competitions are based & targeted on real world problems, and not money oriented. However, perks & prizes are involved.

Following are the perks of participation.

Flex-able certificate

You'll earn a flex-able certificate upon successfull participation in any active competition at Knotters. Just make your submissions follow our competition guidelines. The certificates you earn here are immortal, and can be shared anywhere.
We also provide appreciation certificates to judges and moderators as well.

Profile +XP

If you would've had noticed this, we mentioned someting about +100XP in creativity. The XP here indicates the experience count, points, like in video games, and just like we earned +100 in creativity, you can also earn massive amount of XPs from our competitions for its topics (We'll discuss 'XP' soon).

Submission to Project

After a competion ends, which is right after results declaration, we may convert the winner's submission into a verified project on Knotters (after an internal review), without any need to undergo our review procedure, so that it opens up to further contribution. The moderator of competition becomes the moderator of this verified project too, and one of the judges become mentor of the project.

And it doesn't end here

All competitions at Knotters have some special powers through which a track record is maintained of every participant, and it reflects in each of their profiles accordingly, alongside their respective topics. Finished competitions remain as an archive to explore the historical records of endeavour.
Again - Everything counts!

The Moderators MODlink

To review and take action on verified projects submissions, a category of users at Knotters are called the moderators. The decision taken by a moderator for a project decides its future. If approved, the project enters our world. If rejected, then the creator gets a few chances to resubmit the same for review to a different moderator. No creator or moderator knows each other during review process. The project assigned to a moderator is assigned according to their area of expertise, which is interpreted from their overall contribution record on Knotters. The moderator helps a project reach new heights if approved.

The Mentors MNTlink

Mentors are the people who, during peacetime, guide projects through their knowledge and expertise in the domain of concerned project. By 'during peacetime', we meant when they are not involved in any competitions. So yeah you can infer that they have a role in competitions too. Actually, a crutial one. Mentors of our platform are the only ones with the required expertise to be eligble to be a judge of competition. Mentors too have XPs, topics and growth on this platform, just like the moderators have, just like everyone has. Currently we have limited mentorship to verified projects only.

The Managers MGRlink

Or, organizations. Or, groups. Or, clubs. Or, companies. Or, whatever you call an organized group of people. These are the type of accounts which have access to management tools of Knotters, for example, creating competitions, creating Core projects, linking people to their profile for collective growth, promoting people as moderators or mentors, and so on.

The Licenseslink

Several open source licenses are provided on Knotters by default to choose from for your next project. You cannot change the license after a project is live. For quick projects, you can only choose from available licenses (which are enough in numbers). For verified projects, you can add your own license if the default ones doesn't suit you. If you don't understand licenses and their importance, you can go with the default selected license for your projects.


Snapshots are the moments during the lifetime of a project, which can be used as a timeline indicating the journey of any project, or can be used to share anything relevant to the project, things which are not being conveyed via any source code or markdown files of the project. This feature is available to all kinds of projects, and if you admire a project, you'll see its latest snapshots on your homepage. Moderators can also post snapshots along with the creators of projects.


You can admire projects, people and snapshots on Knotters. If you admire a project, you'll see its latest snapshots and other updates on your homepage. If you admire a person, you'll see their latest projects and posted snapshots on your homepage. If you admire a snapshot, the creator of snapshot will be glad. Admiring also affects the recommendations of projects and profiles you get.

Your profilelink

Just like the profile of your project is its own room on Knotters, your own profile also represents your presence in our community. Your profile contains dynamic information about your expertise, acheivements, projects and the things you share yourself. You can showcase your own profile on any social site by sharing its URL, to flex your presence at Knotters.

The Topicslink

Our platform is filled with numerous of topics to choose from, for your profile, for your projects, and for the competitions, through which you can uniquely select and level up your expertise in the domain of your choice. The topics have indiviual XP points for everyone on Knotters, which can be increased via various sources, the major source being participation in competitions. You can participate in a competition by looking at the topics it associates with, to precisely increase your XP for those topics.

Everything countslink

As you'd have read, your level of expertise on Knotters depends on the XP your profile and your topics have. Every action you take on Knotters duly contributes to your own visible growth, reflecting in your profile. You can contribute to the projects of your choice, and depending on the associated topics of that particular project, your own XP will increase for those topics. This was just one of the various ways through which your XPs can be controlled, and for most of the part, you don't need to care about the ways. Focus on the work you do here, or just play around the different segments of this platform, and we'll take care of your growth reflection.

for contribution tracking.

Level uplink

If you've read about how a moderator gets projects to review, then you could probably interpret the importance of XP of topics for a moderator. As the submitted projects have a category, the associated topics with that particular category play an important role in assignment of a moderator. Moderators hold an elite position on our platform. They perform superlative tasks, govern their approved project's growth, and also moderate submissions of competitions as well!
You can, if you want to, become a moderator too. It is a selective process, and depending upon your performance and experience at Knotters, we'll reach out to you for the opportunity.

Wall of Fame link

Yes, you read that right. We have a dedicated wall of fame at Knotters! For those who are unfamiliar with this kind of wall, it showcases the acheivers of historical significance at one place. Winners of competitions take the most of the area in that wall, but there's space for the top contributors of every era too. Aim for that wall, and you could achieve most out of this community along the way.

Top activities & highlightslink

On the top of everything, most of the sections on this platform will regularly higlight projects, people, and several categories of recommendations for you to never stop exploring. By showing you relevant profiles at Knotters we intend to provide you sources of inspiration, exposure to what other people do here, and increase the possibilities for you to find the next suitable project that you'd like to start contributing in.

Tips & Trickslink

  • Use Alt + R to restart introductions anywhere, or just visit this landing page.
  • Use Alt + F10 to switch theme, or click brightness_medium on navbar.
  • While using any search box, you can also search by label:name, like topic:creativity or tag:nodejs.
  • You can install this website on your device as application (through supported browsers only). Click here to check if you can.
  • Many of the things on this platform can work offline too. Also (and therefore), you'll receive in-app updates from us time to time.
  • The 'why' of everythinglink

    So far you've come, assuming not scrolled all the way down here, you must've got an idea of Knotters, and what the existence of this platform intends to bring in the world of open collaboration through your browser. If not, then don't worry, follow your instincts, move around and explore the different sections of Knotters. It's not that hard to understand the importance of open source community, with proper project recognition and exposure to new kinds of skillsets favouring your own personal growth, by doing a simple thing - get started.

    Are you ready?