Knotters Brand Resources

Learn when and how you can use our logo and our other brand elements in your work.

+ The zipped file contains our assets in form of banner and logo.

+ You may use our logo and banner in your work, but please do not use the logo or banner to endorse your own work which has no relation with Knotters.

+ Both the logo and banner are trademarks of

+ Only the links pointing to are allowed to be used with the logo and banner wherever you utilize them.

+ DO NOT make any changes or modifications to the assets (For example - DO NOT change the color to adjust to your environment).

+ We have provided our logo and banner with and without a background, therefore, you should not feel the need to change the background color of the logo or banner.

+ DO NOT distort, resize, reshape, strech, shrink, crop or otherwise alter the logo or banner in anyway which changes its original form.

+ The assets contain most of the sizes that you may need to use in your work.

+ Always use the original size of the logo and banner though whichever size you use from the assets.

+ We have provided both light and dark variants of the logo and banner, you may use any of the variants without modification.

+ Wherever you plan to use our assets, please make sure that the asset is used in a way that is consistent with the brand, and should always infer that it is a brand element of only.

+ Your use of the assets should not give the impression that you associate/partner with, unless permitted explicitly by

In short, use our assets only to show the presence of Knotters.